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Increase Agent Efficiencies in Zendesk for Better Customer Experiences

Increase Agent Efficiencies in Zendesk for Better Customer ExperiencesAre you seeing your Zendesk ticket volumes continually climbing day on day, with agents getting more and more frustrated and stressed-out that comes with dealing with angry customers not getting their enquiries answered?
The simple solution is to hire more customer service staff to smash through the backlog of tickets, however in this climate of uncertainty, getting the budget for new hires is often out of reach.
That's where you may need to look at your Zendesk platform for answers to drive better efficiencies. Zendesk is built by design to provide great Agent experiences alongside efficiencies in dealing with customer enquiries, but we often see that some of those super-charged tools are overlooked in the never-ending quest to reduce ticket backlog. Macros Zendesk Macros are an excellent way to speed up ticket responses. We typically see that more than 40% of customer enquiries can be effectively handled with…